Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Aircraft Stress Analysis

  • Design support during the initial phase of the program by providing structural sizes for each component.
  • Ensure the methodology correctness, applicability and compliance.
  • Provide margin of safety table for every metallic or composite component with the corresponding mode of failure, critical load case and free body diagram.
  • Provide critical part and critical path analysis.
  • Maintain fail safe and safe fail philosophy by establishing structural redundancy.
  • Coordinate the component design with the methods, MRB and laison engineering  procedures and requirements for manufacturability and repairability.
  • Ensure the calculation and methodology compliance with governing authorities such FAR and JAR requirements.
  • Produce Stress and Damage Tolerance Certification Report ensuring complete compliance.
  • Preparation of the structural finite element models for the generation of internal loads with realistic boundary conditions reflecting the drawing configuration.
  • Management of finite element models for both static and fatigue analysis.
  • Hand calculation of components based on client manuals or available open sources such as Bruhn, Timoshenko, Peterson, Roark and Niu, ensuring structural strength and stability.
  • Providing support for maintenance manuals and repair approval.
  • Creating automatic tools for calculation by using Excel and VBA in order to enhance the accuracy and the speed of calculation.
  • Providing support for test articles and test coupons.
  • Produce fatigue and reliability analysis based on the design service life using either client methods and procedures or available open sources such as Peterson.



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