Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Aerostructural Experience


  • Galleys, Overhead Bins and Rails
  • Floors, Floor Beams, Seat, Seat Tracks and Egress
  • Partitions, Vestibules and Closets
  • Baggage Compartment and Nets
  • Cockpit, Cockpit Floor, Pilot Seats, Windshield Surround
  • Bulkheads and Pressure Boundary
  • Wing, Wing Spar, Rib, Skin, Stringers, Pods and Racks
  • Fuselage Frame, Cut-Outs, Skin, Stringer & Keel
  • Empennage VSTAB, HSTAB, Dorsal Fin, Tail Cone, APU & Fairings
  • Edges (FTE, FLE), Winglet
Mechanical Systems
  • Doors (Pax & Cargo), Thrust Reverser, Aerial Refuelling
  • Feathers (Aileron, Spoiler, Flap, Rudder & Elevator)



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